Fournier Side Marked Plastic Poker Cards

Fournier2818 poker cards are very popular among poker playing cards. We are able to process them to be a very useful poker cheating device. In terms of different functions, there are two kinds of Fournier marked cards. One is invisible ink Fournier marked card for IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses reading, and the other is the Fournier side marked plastic card read by the poker cheat camera. Today, I will introduce latter to you.

Made by one of Europe’s most leading card manufacturers, the Fournier2818 cards have become the official World Poker Tour cards and they are extensively used various prestigious poker playing tournaments. The Fournier2818 side marked poker cards are made of 100% PVC plastic material that enjoy good quality and excellent hand feel. They are ideal for home games, club games and private casino gambling. These cards are designed to be read by
poker cheat camera  lens that has powerful function to scan marked cards and send the data of cards to poker analyzer decoding. The Fournier2818 side marked poker cards are very secret in cheating because nobody will find out its any flaw from the back. With them, you will win easily.

If you have an interest in them, just contact us. We promise this side marked card is perfect with its high-quality and strong practicability.