Gamble With the Amazing Water Dispenser Micro Camera

The water dispenser as a common object in our daily life can help you cheat in poker playing games. A poker cheat camera is build inside the water dispenser to scan the marked cards. The water dispenser camera is for poker analyzer and side marked cards to finish the poker cheat successfully.

The micro poker cheat has been fixed inside the water dispenser. You will amaze its function for the poker gambling. The
water dispenser micro camera is a long distance scanner that can scan the side marked cards at a longer distance up to 6 meters. It enjoys a good angle and position to scan the marked cards automatically and accurately. After scanning cards speedily, it will send the data of cards to the poker analyzer at a high speed, and then the poker analyzer will report the results to you within 0.3S by a wireless headphone. This amazing water dispenser camera is suitable for any kind of poker analyzers and just one person can finish the whole gamble cheat.

The water dispenser camera is very good for a longer distance poker cheat. And it is a HD camera so you will enjoy an excellent poker gambling during cheating. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need.