Gamble with Excellent Button Zoom Mini Camera

Many people like wearing a shirt even in winter. This kind of cloth can be decent in front of others. If you are a card playing enthusiast, wearing a shirt can help you cheat secretly. The shirt button can be build a mini poker cheat camera inside. This camera can not be seen in people eyes so that it has a good concealment for you to cheat.

The Button mini camera is very excellent in cheating. It is a HD camera, so the side marked cards can be scanned clearly even if the cars are put in disorder. This camera is also a zoom one that can adjust the scanning distance between the camera and the cards at a proper range. This is good for the whole poker cheating to goes well. After scanning the cards, it will send the signal to the poker analyzer decoding. The excellent
shirt button zoom mini camera can support all kinds of poker analyzers around the world. You just feel free to enjoy poker games.

The excellent shirt button zoom mini camera can be used in many poker games such as Texas, Blackjack and Omaha. If you have a taste for it, please contact us as soon as possible.