HD Lighter Camera Lens to Read Side Marked Cards

The camera lens in poker analyzer system cheating plays a vital role in reading the marked cards accurately. In order to operate a secret poker cheat, it will be fixed in many items in our daily life like a mobile phone, a car key, a TV and a clock. In today’s lecture, I will introduce the lighter camera to you at cards playing games.
There is no doubt that a camera lens has been hidden in a lighter. With good concealment and mini size, the camera will not attract other players’ attention. The lighter camera is a HD camera so that the barcode marked cards can be read clearly at any angle. With powerful reading function, the camera will read the marked cards with 100% accuracy at a high speed and then will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer decoding speedily. The scanning distance of the lighter camera can be 15-30 cm or 30-40cm and it is a short distance camera for poker analyzer system poker cheat. By using this kind of device, the poker cheat can be operated in a smooth and secret manner. Of course, winning will be increased largely.
If you are looking for a camera lens for your poker analyzer, the lighter camera lens can be ideal one. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you take an interest in it!