HD USB Cable Camera Lens to Read Barcode Marked Cards

The camera lens is very useful for the poker analyzer system. If you want to use this system for your poker cheat, it is suggested that you can choose our HD USB camera lens to read the barcode marked cards clearly. I will specify this camera as follows:
First of all, there is a camera lens fixed inside the USB cable. With good concealment, nobody will find any flaw from the USB cable. Second, the USB cable camera lens is a HD camera so that the barcode marked cards can be read accurately at any angle. Third, together with a poker analyzer, the camera lens can finish the cheating smoothly. Used in cheating, just put it on the poker table and it will read the marked cards with a hundred percent of accuracy and then send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed. In addition, it can work with all generations of poker analyzers in the world such as K20 poker analyzer or latest CVK 350 poker analyzer. With this excellent camera lens for your games, you are able to master the game as much as you can. 
If you have a need for our HD USB cable camera lens, just choose one for your poker analyzer.