Hand-control Baccarat Dealing Shoe for Poker Cheat

Our hand-control Baccarat dealing shoe for poker cheat is transparent. There is nothing special about it in appearance, but actually the dealing shoe has been specially processed so that you can see what the card-to-be-dealt is from a certain angle. If you want this card, you can just deal it. But if not, you can hide it and then deal the next card. You can use regular playing cards for the cheating purpose.

Remember that the one who performs the cheating acts has to be the poker dealer!

Apart from the hand-control Baccarat dealing shoe, our company can  also provide you with remote-control Baccarat dealing shoe, remote induction Baccarat dealing shoe, magic Baccarat dealing shoe, which all can help you win money in Baccarat poker.

Our Baccarat dealing shoes for poker cheat have been widely used for private poker party, poker match, magic show, casino gamble and so on. If you are interested in any of them, welcome to contact us!