Hidden Camera Lens for Poker Analyzer

With the development of technology, poker cheat camera has become an unusual thing among poker cheating field. Hidden camera lens for poker analyzer are designed for all kinds of poker games.

The hidden camera lens is used to scan the barcode of marked playing cards, clearly and fast. These lenses are hidden in many objects like watch, lighter, purse, car key which can be kept at the table during playing cards. The hidden lens can decode the marks on the back of the playing cards and transfer related information to the poker analyzer. The
poker cheat analyzer will report the result automatically, and then you will win the game most possibly. You can move the lens in your device to anywhere you want, but they should be in a close range, and the effect range depends on different lenses. There are two kinds of camera lens: short distance camera, and long distance camera like water dispenser camera. We also customize the special lens in line with your needs.

The hidden camera lens is very useful in poker cheating games. Working with poker analyzer and barcode marked cards, it can help finish your poker cheating smoothly and successfully.