High-quality Side Marked Cards Read by Poker Analyzer

In general speaking, there are two kinds of marked cards in poker cheating field. One is back marked card that is usually read by the IR sunglasses or contact lenses or pinhole camera. The other is the side marked card which is specially designed for the poker analyzer. I will introduce the latter one for poker analyzer in poker gambling cheat.

Most of
side marked cards are made of plastic material because it will be more endurable and washable. This kind of card has a good quality and you can use it for a long time. Besides, it has a good hand feel so that it is easy to serve you well in shuffling cards. The barcode of marked cards can be identified by the poker analyzer. And the marks on the cards are clear for analyzer reading. This ensures the high working efficiency during poker cheating. The side marked cards offers gamblers more ways to cheat secretly in poker games. This kind of card can be read by all kinds of poker analyzers. If you want to receive the codes of cards just you can, you can set in your poker analyzer.

The side marked cards have good quality. Please rest assured to use them. We have many kinds of side marked cards for you like Fournier 2818 marked cards and KEM marked cards. Just contact us if you interest them.