How to Cheat by Using Marked Cards

Using the marked cards to cheat poker games is a very direct and easy way. It is unnecessary for you to have any sleight of hand with this method performed by one person. The Marked cards cheating is applicable to home games, club gambling parties and private casinos where the deck is shuffled, but not replaced.

Advanced poker playing cheats are printed marks with invisible varnish. Those marks can not be read by common light or our naked eyes. They can only be seen through the IR sunglasses or IR contact lenses. From those marks, you are able to know the suits and points of all cards even they face down. The invisible ink
marked cards are very easy to use in cheating but its effect is very powerful. If you use them to cheat, your winning odds will be increased largely. The marked cards can also be done by yourself. You can use the invisible ink and pen to mark cards. This is a very easy way for you.

The marked cards are very excellent in poker playing games like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Blackjack. Just use them to enhance your winning odds.