How to Use Marked Playing Cards at Poker Cheat

We have mentioned the many kinds of marked playing cards like marked cards for IR/UV contact lenses, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system and back marked cards for spy cameras. But how to use them at games. In this paper, I will specify these three kinds of marked cards as follows:
In terms of the marked cards for IR/UV contact lenses, they are marked with luminous ink on back and the ink are unreadable from our naked eyes. These cards can only be read by using special gimmicked sunglasses or by wearing contact lenses. Barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system are printed with the invisible bar codes on edges. The system including a poker analyzer and a camera lens to analyze the card result or suits and values of cards before cards dealt. spy marked cards can not be seen by the human eyes, even through a luminous filter. The marks can only be read by using custom-designed electronics and filters and displayed on a TV monitor in another room to a partner. Then the card values may be signaled or transmitted to the player who needs to know. Applying these marked playing cards to poker playing games, you are able to steer the winning chances into your hands easily.
In addition, the marked playing cards can be customized if you have special needs. Just try them for your poker games once you have an intent of winning to the largest extent!