IR Contact Lenses in Poker Cheat

The IR contact lenses are very useful and secret in poker cheating. They can be used in many casino occasions such as home games, private gambling parties and casino gambling. It is the most easy and direct way to use the IR contact lenses in poker cheat. The excellent IR contact lenses are able to read the invisible marks on the back of cards to help you know the poker faces in advance.

IR contact lenses are the same as the common contact lenses. Specially, they are designed for reading the invisible ink marked cards. Adopted the polymer material to make, they will not do any harm to your eyes at all. You can wear them even if you drive car at night and the things surrounding can be seen clearly. The most important feature of the excellent IR contact lenses is to cheat successfully in poker games. They have the strong ability to recognize the invisible marks on the back of cards. Therefore, you can know the suits and points of cards in advance while others can not. Finally, you can deal with the following steps easily according to your knowing and your winning odds will be increased largely.

The IR contact lenses used in poker cheat are very excellent. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a demand for them.