IR Contact Lenses to Read Marked Domino Tiles

The IR contact lenses can be for reading the marked cards, marked mahjong tiles and marked domino tiles. Today, I will share this device for your Domino game. 
The marked domino tiles are printed with the invisible marks on the back. Those marks can not seen from our naked eyes and only the IR contact lenses can read them. With the excellent lenses  in your Domino game, you can read the domino face before the tiles face up. This is good for you to play the following section sensibly like marking a betting or choose next tiles or not. Knowing the result in advance, you can play with more confidence to avoid blindness. In the end, the winning odds will be increased largely. Besides, we also accept your special customization about the IR contact lenses. If you have other requirements, just tell us and we can design them in line with your needs. 
The IR contact contact lenses to read the marked domino tiles are ideal for your Domino. Just contact us if you are interested in them.