IR Sunglasses to Read the Invisible Marks on Cards

Would you like to have a pair of cool IR sunglasses? And do you want a more rapid way to gain a lot of money? If your answers are yes, I will introduce our IR sunglasses for your various poker games.

A pair of fashionable and cool
IR sunglasses can be regarded as a kind of useful cheating device to read the invisible ink marks of cards. Those marks on cards can not be seen by naked eyes only wearing IR sunglasses you can read them. With the IR sunglasses to read the marks, you can read values and suits of all cards so that you can make a right decision according to your seeing. The IR sunglasses are applied to home games and club games. You can feel free to enjoy your poker games. 
A pair of IR sunglasses to read the marks on cards is a very direct way to cheat in poker games or magic shows. If you take an interest in this kind of device, just contact us. We also have many other cheating devices for your consideration.