Induction Dice Processed by EYEPCC for Gambling Cheat

Induction dice is one of the three kinds of cheating dice processed by our company, EYEPCC, from regular dice like transparent dice, bone dice and plastic dice etc..

On the outside, there is nothing special about our induction dice, while on the inside, we have installed a microchip into the dice. Still, our induction dice weigh nearly as much as the unprocessed dice. Not only can people not tell the weight differences between the former and the latter with their hands, they even can not find the microchip even if they smash the dice into pieces.

The microchip can send signals to a vibrator, even with a bowl covering over the dice. Before playing the dice games, you need to put the vibrator in your pocket. When you guess odd or even, the vibrator will let you know what the result is by shaking or not shaking: if the result is odd, it Our induction dice can be magnetic or non-magnetic. The non-magnetic dice won’t be disrupted by magnets at all.

 If you are interested in our induction dice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!