Invisible Ink Marked Mahjong Tiles at Cheating

It is well known that Mahjong game is becoming a popular way of entertainment around the world. Do you have a thought that mahjong tiles can be processed to cheat by the advanced technology? In fact, the answer is yes. The invisible ink marked mahjong tile is that one to help you win the gambling easily and rapidly.

The way that is used to print the invisible ink on ordinary mahjong tiles is the same as that used to mark poker cards. Our naked eyes fail to see those invisible marks, and only the special infrared contact lens or sunglasses can read them clearly. With the help of this type of
invisible ink marked mahjong tiles, you are able to know all mahjong tiles both other players’ hand and pot even if they face down. All in all, the invisible ink marked mahjong tiles working with infrared contact lens or sunglasses offer you more opportunities to win at gambling.

Those tiles can be also customize by us. You are allowed to design your own stylish marked tiles that are suitable for you. If you have an interest in them, please don’t hesitate to contact us.