Invisible Ink Marked Mahjong Tiles

There are many useful mahjong cheating devices supplied in our company like programmed mahjong table. Today, I will share a direct and easy way to cheat. That is cheating with the invisible ink marked mahjong tiles. 
The common mahjong tiles are printed with the invisible marks on back or four sides. Those marks can not be read by our naked eyes and only the special IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses are able to read them. Used in Mahjong gamble cheat, the marked mahjong tiles can help you cheat in a successful way. When you wear the IR contact lenses, you can read the marked  mahjong tiles before they face up. This is very good for you to make a betting without any risk or play sensibly according to your knowing. In the end, your winning odds will be increased to the largest extent. 
Just use those invisible ink marked mahjong tiles to enhance your winning chances. I believe you will be satisfied with them so much.