K20 Poker Analyzer with Water Dispenser in Flush Game

We have mentioned that the camera lens can be hidden in many objects such as car key, watch and lighter. Besides those short distance camera, the camera can be custom the long distance one. If you put the camera inside the water dispenser, it can help you win the Flush at a longer distance. The water dispenser camera with the K20 poker analyzer helps you make achievements in Flush poker game.

The scanning distance of the water dispenser can be up to 6 meters. No matter how many players around the table, it can scan the edge marked cards clearly and accurately. The camera together with the
K20 poker analyzer, the Flush poker game can be finished smoothly. After the water dispenser scans the cards, the K20 poker analyzer will receive the codes of cards and decode them at a high speed. It can read the suits and values of cards one by one. This is a good chance for you to know the suits and points of cards you get. Therefore, you will make your right decision on bets in each round. Finally, you will get a better result at Flush.

The water dispenser camera and the K20 poker analyzer can be useful in Flush poker cheat. They are secret in cheating so that you can feel free to enjoy your game. If you have an interest in them, just contact us.