KEM 100% Plastic Marked Playing Cards

The brand of KEM playing card is the most difficult card to be processed. With the specialized and professional marking skills, we are able to mark this kind of card without any flaw to help you win the poker games easily. Now, I will share our KEM 100% plastic marked playing cards for your gambling cheat. 
The KEM 100% plastic marked playing cards can be processed into the back marked cards or barcode marked cards. The back marked cards for the IR lenses reading and the latter ones can be read from the camera lens. They are made of 100% PVC, which enjoy the strong flexibility and endurable using life. Even marked, they still keep the good hand feel of original KEM playing cards. Used in poker cheat, they will help you cheat without any suspect from other players. With the help of this kind of cards for your games, you are able to decide how to play at each section. Of course, your winning will be increased as largely as possible. Besides, your cards can be processed by us and we can mark them wonderfully as you need. 
If you have a need for our KEM 100% plastic marked playing cards, please have a try to use them for increasing your winning chances.