KEM Alpha Marked Playing Cards Brown and Green

KEM Alpha marked playing cards serve cards playing cheat. They have been specially processed and can be designed as different types to cater for different cheating occasions. There are back marked cards to be read from IR/UV readers, edge marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards for spy camera reading and laser marked cards recognized by laser spy camera. No matter which marked cards you use, they will be able to offer you an easy and effective way to master games under your control.
The KEM Alpha marked playing cards still have advantages of good hand feel and shape the same that the original cards have even if they have been processed. There is no any clue left on cards so that you will not find any difference on them from common cards. The 100% cellulose acetate plastic KEM Alpha marked playing decks feature a classic, stylish back design. These cars are available only from Kardwell International, Inc. Each two-deck set contains one green and one brown deck, and they come nicely packaged in sturdy black plastic storage boxes. Made in the U.S.A. to the strictest quality standards, they are able to handle the tests of scratching, folding and wearing. With durability and flexibility, it is no problem for them to spring back even if bent. By using these marked playing cards at poker games, you will catch more good chances to sweep the bankroll into your pocket as largely as possible. In order to give you a further understanding of these marked cards, I will introduce them to you in detail.
KEM Alpha Marked Cards for IR/UV Readers
The KEM Alpha marked cards printed with the invisible marks on back are for IR/UV readers recognizing. The readers include IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses to read the marks clearly. The marks indicating the suits and values will be invisible from our naked eyes. With the readers to read the marks, you will have chances to know the poker faces even the cards face down. By knowing the poker result in advance, you will have more chances to master the games under your control easily. There is need to mention the contact lenses that are ideal for successful and effective poker cheating. Other players will be hard to notice them because they will not change your original eyes’ color too much. The lenses are very soft and comfortable, and they will not do any harm to your eyes. In addition, there are different sizes of lenses tailored to your eyes. So just feel assured that you will win as largely by using these magic cards cheating tools.
KEM Alpha Edge Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer System
The KEM Alpha edge marked cards are printed with the invisible bar codes on cards. They are recognized by camera lens and decoded by the poker analyzer. In poker analyzer system, it consists of a camera lens, a poker analyzer, edge marked cards and a mini earpiece or a Bluetooth. For the purpose of a secret poker cheating, the camera lens will be disguised as a common item in our daily life such as a car key, a lighter or a mobile phone. With good concealment, it will read the cards clearly at at any angle and nobody will find any flaw. After that, the camera will send the cards’ information to the poker analyzer that is powerful to decode the bar codes and analyze the poker result you need through the earpiece. The result can be reported by the analyzer in different forms with 100% accuracy. For instance, in Texas, the analyzer will report the best winner hand, the second winner hand, each player’s poker hand ranking, flop, turn or river without any mistake. Taking this advantage to predict the poker result, there is no any difficult mastering games easily.
KEM Alpha Marked Cards for Spy Camera
In terms of this kind of cards, they are also printed the invisible marks on back. But they are different from the back marked cards for IR readers. The KEM Alpha marked cards are to be read by the spy camera. The camera like other scanners can be fixed in our routine items like a lamp, a belt or a clock so that nobody will find it at all. When you play the game, it will read the cards speedily and clearly. The information of cards will be sent to a TV on backstage. From the TV screen, you will see the marks clearly. If so, the following poker sections will be easier for you to play sensibly and confidently.
KEM Alpha Laser Marked Cards for Laser Spy Camera
The KEM Alpha Laser marked cards are newest marked cards to cheat effectively at poker playing games. They are designed for laser spy camera reading. The camera can be fixed in a mobile phone, a belt or other routine articles. The scanning distance of the camera can be 2-5cm or 2-3m so that you can cheat more conveniently under different poker cheating conditions. Reading the marked cards with 100% accuracy at a high speed, the laser spy camera will send the information of cards to the TV on background. On TV screen, the marks on cards will show clearly. With this good chance to know the poker faces in advance, winning will be handled effortlessly.
The KEM Alpha marked cards are ideal for Texas, Omaha, Blackjack and many other poker games. Please contact us if you are interested in them!