Lamp Spy Camera System at Gamble Use

The spy camera can be built in all kinds of lamps. With its powerful function for reading the back marked cards, the lamp spy camera will help you make the achievement smoothly and secretly.

lamp spy camera system include a spy camera, a transmitter and a TV. When used in poker cheat, this system should work with the back marked cards that can be only read by the spy camera. Those cards will not be checked out by other readers like IR contact lenses so that it ensues the cheat to be finished more secretly. Reading the back marked cards with 100% accuracy, the spy camera will send the information of cards to a TV with poker cheating software. From the screen, your partner can know the suits and points of cards and tell the result you need. You will have more confidence to play the following poker sections when you know the poker face in advance. Finally, you can lower your losses to the bottom line and gain more success.

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