Laser Camera Lens for Blackjack Gambling Cheat

The laser camera lens is the latest camera for a secret and safe poker cheating. The camera lens can be used for many poker games such as Texas, Omaha and Blackjack. In this paper, I will share this device to read the poker face in advance at Blackjack. 
The laser camera lens is our latest and exclusive camera to cheat without any suspicion from others to check. We adopt the special ink to mark cards for this type camera reading. Other readers like IR readers or analyzer camera lenses can not recognize the ink so that it will be applied to Blackjack cheating in a more secret way. Reading the laser marked cards quickly, the laser camera will send the information of cards to a TV screen. And then you will read the marks standing for suits and points easily. Knowing the cards’ face even if they face down, you are able to choose next cards decisively to get 21 points as possibly as you can. In the end, you will gain more success in this game. The laser camera can be fixed in a T shirt, a lamp, a cell phone or other routine items to read cards secretly.
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