Laser Camera for Laser Ink Marked Playing Cards Cheating

We have introduced the spy camera for invisible ink back marked cards. Today, I will share the other spy camera at poker cheat. That is the laser camera for reading laser ink marked cards.
The laser camera is designed to read the laser ink marked playing cards. These marked playing cards are printed with the laser ink marks on back. These marks can not be read by our naked eyes or other readers like IR contact lenses or analyzer cameras. Your poker cheat can be operated secretly and smoothly by light of its good concealment. When you play games with these devices, you will get more chances to win. During games, the camera will read the cards speedily and then the information of cards will be sent to a TV on backstage. Finally, you will read the marks clearly from the TV screen. Knowing the poker faces of next cards in advance, winning will be easier for you.
The laser camera is ideal for those people who want to cheat with advanced cheating devices. It will ensure that your poker cheat can be operated perfectly and successfully. Please have a try!