Laser Ink to Mark Laser Marked Cards

We have introduced the IR ink or UV ink for cards marking. With the advancement of technology, we have mastered the newest laser ink to mark cards for poker playing cheat.
The laser ink used for cards marking is the latest ink researched and developed by our company. With the application of the high technology and skills, the ink will be more secret at poker cheat. Compared with other ink, this ink has better concealment because it will not be checked by other readers. It is recognized by the laser camera lens. Meanwhile, you will not find any difference between laser ink marked cards and common cards. For varied cards cheating needs, the ink with the cards can be processed into laser ink marked playing cards for laser spy camera reading. By using this kind of ink, you will operate a more concealable poker playing gambling cheat. In the end, winning will belong to you without much difficulty.
The laser ink is ideal for marking laser ink marked cards. If you have an intent to cheat more smoothly at games, it is a good choice! Just Have a Try!