Laser Spy Camera at Texas Holdem

In order to supply customers with more useful methods to increase winning odds at Texas Holdemplaying game, we are dedicated to researching and developing more and more advanced and effective poker cheating devices. The latest laser spy is the product of advancement.
The laser spy camera is designed to read the laser marked playing cards that are marked with the laser ink on back. This kind of marked cards are only recognized by this camera. Like other camera lens, the laser camera can be disguised as a cell phone, a lamp or a belt to cheat by means of a secret way. The reading distance of this camera can be 2-5cm or 2-3 meters so that you can use it flexibly according to your cards conditions. In Texas Holdem cheat, the camera will read the cards speedily and then will send the cards’ information to a TV on backstage. On TV screen, the marks on the back of cards will be shown clearly. After reading the marks indicating suits and points, you will know the poker face of next card in advance. In the following poker section, you will decide to make betting or fold without any risk. At the end of the game, winning can be handled easily.
The laser spy can be suitable for many other games as well like Texas, Blackjack and Flush. If you want to win poker games, just have a try to use it for enhancing your winning!