Latest Poker Software To See All Cards And Ranks Of Players

This is a newest poker software computer system, and this poker software will show the orders of all cards on the top of computer, and also can display every card which is holding in all players’ hands and covering on the table, what’s more, it demonstrates the rank of all players, that is, who is first winner, who is second winner, who is third winner, who is fifth winner.
How to Use it at Games 
1. It is necessary to use a camera to scan the barcode marked playing cards, such as mobile phone cameras ( Samsung S4 camera, iPhone 6 camera, Nokia phone camera), lighter camera, car-key camera, chip-tray camera, cigarette box camera or floor-lamp camera whose scanning distance can be about 3 meters or 4 meters or longer ones.
2.You need to add a deck of barcode marked playing cards to be scanned by the cameras.
3. There is a poker analyzer receiver to receive the signal from the camera. The camera will scan the bar codes on the edges of marked cards and then it will deliver the signal to the poker analyzer receiver. Finally, the poker analyzer receiver device will analyze the bar codes and send the signal to the computer software.
4. It is needed to insert a 4G Wi-Fi SIM card into this poker analyzer, and computer also need connect with this 4G Wi-Fi so that the poker analyzer will be able to send the results analyzed to the computer via 4G Wi-Fi to avoid much limitation for the transmitter from the poker analyzer to the computer. From the computer, you will see the real playing scene on screen like that you play on site. You can not only know the each card’ poker face but also know each player’s poker hand ranking. Besides, you can set to know the best winner hand, or the best winner hand or second one or other poker hand'ranking.  
Support long distance by 4G WIFI
The poker analyzer has ability to send the signal to the computer at any distance as long as 4G WIFI is available, because there is no distance limited from the analyzer to computer on backstage. 
Games Available 
This poker software can be applied to Texas Hold'em, 4-card-Omaha, 5-card-Omaha, 6-card-Omaha, Omaha Hi-low and Pineapple.
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