Latest Shirt Button Camera at Poker Cheating

The poker cheat camera lens can be fixed inside many items like a car key or a TV. Today, I will share our latest shirt button camera with you as follows:

In one hand, the mini camera hidden inside the shirt button of a T-shirt. The camera has good concealment inside the button so that other players will not find any flaw form your shirt. In the other hand, the
shirt button camera should work with the poker analyzer and the side marked cards. With the accurate reading function, it will scan the side marked cards clearly at a high speed, and then will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding. Finally, you will get the result you need. The camera is suitable for all poker analyzers in the world. Due to its HD feature, the cards can be read at any angle even under a dim light. The shirt button camera lens is excellent for your poker analyzer to accomplish the cheating in a successfully way.

If you are interested in this camera, please contact us at any time. I believe you will be satisfied with it so much.