Leather Belt Edge Marked Cards Scanner

We usually hide our poker camera lens in common daily items, turning them into edge marked cards scanners. As a result, we have cellphone edge marked cards scanner, car key edge marked cards scanner, edge marked cards scanner, cigarette case edge marked cards scanner, tissue box edge marked cards scanner, ashtray edge marked cards scanner and so on. Here in this article, we are gonna introduce our leather belt edge marked cards scanner.

The exterior design of the leather belt is neat and fashionable. The poker camera lens fixed inside the buckle is completely concealable, impossible to be discovered by other people. It can scan edge marked cards within 55 to 90cm from the cards. Both of its scanning height and scanning width are 35cm or so. Within this range, the camera can work with fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability.

It can scan edge marked cards for any type of poker analyzers, like AKK A1 and CVK 500, all of which are available from our company.

As soon as the poker analyzer finishes analyzing the data, you will hear the poker results through the mini earpiece in your ear. In this case, nobody else but you can know the poker results in advance.

A dedicated power bank included in the package can supply power directly for the camera lens. On a single full charge, it can keep supplying power for 4 hours.

If you are looking for an edge marked cards scanner for your poker analyzer system and this leather belt edge marked cards scanner has aroused your interest, welcome to contact us for it!