Lighter Covert Camera Lens for Poker Analyzer

The camera lens is an vital part in poker analyzer system, and it can be hidden in many routine items such as a car key, a watch or a lighter. Today, I will share our lighter covert camera lens with your.

First of all, it is a real lighter that is fixed a covert camera lens inside. The camera is very mini and secret so that other players will find it at all. The
lighter covert camera lens should work with the side marked cards and a poker analyzer. In poker cheat, just put it on the poker table and it is capable of reading the side marked cards send the codes of marked cards to the poker analyzer decoding. During working, it can be in a high speed to finish its operation accurately. Besides, any kind of poker analyzer is suitable for the lighter covert camera. With its HD feature to read the marked cards, your poker cheat will be completed smoothly.

In addition, we also accept your customization about the lighter covert camera. Just contact us if you have a demand for it.