Lion 3005 Marked Playing Cards for Gambling Cheat

Any kind of playing cards can be marked into the poker cheating playing games, and the Lion 3005 playing cards also have no exception. Yes, we are able to process this kind of poker cards into the marked playing cards for your gambling cheat with more winning chances. 
The Lion 3005 marked playing cards can be processed into types. One is printed with the invisible marks on the back of cards for the IR lenses reading. The marks are unreadable from our naked eyes so they can help you cheat very secret. The other is marked with invisible barcode on sides. They are specially designed to be read by the camera lens. Of course, our naked eyes can not read those brcode. No matter which kind of Lion marked playing cards is, you can use them to cheat secretly in poker cheating. If you have other requirements, just tell us and we are capable of designing them according to your needs. 
The Lion 3005 marked playing cards for poker cheating are excellent. If you have an interest in them, just have a try!