Long Distance Camera Lenses for Poker Analyzer System Cheat

In terms of the scanning distances of camera lenses, there are two types: short distance camera and long distance camera for poker analyzer system poker cheat. In today’s lecture, I will share our long distance one for your consideration.
The long distance camera lenses can be disguised secretly as our routine items such as TV, a clock or a lamp. The scanning distance of long distance camera lens can reach 6 meters so that you can customize the suitable one for your poker cheating. It can meet your longer distance at
poker analyzer system poker cheat. Used in poker cheating, it should be operated with a poker analyzer to finish the whole cheating. Reading the barcode marked cards with 100% accuracy, it is able to scan those cards clearly at any angle. By using this kind of long distance camera, you can operate your cheating more secretly and smoothly. In addition, we also accept your special customization.
If you are planning to hold a home gambling cheat, the long distance for poker analyzer system cheating is a good choice for your easy success. Just have a try for enhancing your winning!