Lucky Star Dynamic Poker Camera

The lucky star dynamic poker camera disguises itself as a common shirt button to avoid arousing suspicions from other people. With large scope of recognition, it can scan barcode marked cards no matter the cards are being put on the gambling table or being held over the table

In order for the camera to work, you should keep it 35 to 60cm from the barcode marked cards. Its scanning width is 31cm and its scanning height is 35cm. Besides, the camera has the AES intelligent lighting system, which can solve the problem that the light intensity may impact its scanning effects.  

The camera has the advantage of low power consumption, so it can keep working for many hours. Its power bank is newly-upgraded, which has resolved all the problems that other power banks have. The power bank is coated with aluminium alloy, looking much more exquisite than common power banks. It can keep supplying power for the camera for more than 5 hours.

Our lucky star dynamic poker camera can meet all the requirements that customers may have for a poker scanner. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!