Madino Marked Poker Playing Cards

The Madino poker cards are widely used in many countries like Italy and Germany. This kind of card can be processed into the marked poker cards to help you win card playing games easily.

The common Madino poker cards are specially processed by our company. Printed with the invisible marks on back, the Modino marked poker playing cards are special for the
IR contact lenses and IR sunglasses reading because our naked eyes fail to see the invisible marks on the back of cards. This advantage of good concealment can ensure the cheating to be operated without any suspect from other players. When you play this game with the marked Madino playing cards, you will know the suit and value of each card from the IR contact lenses. Knowing the poker faces in advance, you will play more sensibly and cautiously at each round of betting. And finally, the game will be masted easily under your control.

With the Modino marked poker playing cards in your games, you will have more chances to get a better result. They can be used in many poker games like Texas, Omaha and Blackjack. If you are interested in them, please contact us for more information.