Magic Baccarat Dealing Shoe With Poker Analyzer

The Baccarat poker dealing shoe can be applied tactfully in poker cheating field. We have developed the magic Baccarat dealing shoe together with the poker analyzer to offer you a useful way to win more easily and effectively. 
The magic Baccarat poker dealing shoe has been fixed a mini and HD camera lens inside. Other players can not find where the camera lens is. Used in Baccarat cheating, the camera lens will read the barcode marked cards very clearly and then will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that has strong ability to decode the marked cards and analyze the winner hand to you within 0.3S. Knowing the winner hand in advance, you can make a betting on the winner hand without any risk. By taking this good chance, you will win at any round you want. In addition, your poker shoe can be specially processed by us if you need special customization.
If you like playing Baccarat poker game and want to win easily, the magic Baccarat dealing shoe can help realize your winning aim in a more easier and rapid way.