Magic IR Sunglasses to Read Luminous Marked Cards

Do you often wear a pair of sunglasses? Do you have a good feeling that you are cool when you wear the sunglasses? The most surprising thing for you is that the sunglasses can be used for poker cheating. How magic they are!

IR sunglasses are special for reading the invisible marks on the back of marked cards. Those marks representing the suits and values of cards can not be seen by our naked eyes but to be only identified by the IR sunglasses. The IR sunglasses are cool like a common one in appearance. The special feature of them is that they can help you cheat in poker games. You will see the invisible marks on the back of cards as long as you wear the IR sunglasses. This is a very simple and rapid way to cheat. The IR sunglasses to read the invisible marked playing cards can be used in many poker games like Texas, Omaha or Blackjack. With the help of the IR contact lenses, you will know the poker faces directly. And then you can play sensibly according to your knowing. Relatively, the chances of winning can be increased largely.

If you want to a pair of cool and magic IR sunglasses to help you win the poker games in an easier way, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.