Marked Playing Cards from EYEPCC

Our company, EYEPCC, is a professional producer of marked playing cards, which are available in various brands, like Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, KEM, Copag, Fournier, Modiano, Da Vinci and so on.

We use the most advanced technology and equipment to process regular playing cards into marked playing cards.

Our marked playing cards are much better than those made by our counterparts even though we use much less time to complete the processing course.

We usually make two types of marked playing cards: back marked playing cards and edge marked playing cards. 

Both the marks printed on the card backs and on the card edges are water-resistant and wear-resistant. They can still be recognized by our poker scanners even after we rub the the cards against the table or immerse them in water. 

The marked playing cards we make have nearly no chromatic aberration compared with original playing cards in spite of the marks.

For one thing our company can provide you with the marked playing cards of our own; for another, we can process your regular playing cards into marked playing cards if you like. Welcome to contact us for the former or the latter!