Marking Cards Easily By Invisible Ink Pen

The poker playing cards are secretly used in magic shows or poker cheating field. Do you want to mark those cards by yourself? If so, I will share a very easy and simple way for marking cards by yourself. That is the invisible ink pen to mark cards in a very easy way. 
The invisible ink pen is special for marking invisible marks on the back of common cards. The cards processed into the marked cards by this magic pen can be good tools at many poker playing cheating. The pen can write big number or small letter or other marks as you like on the back of cards. The marks can stay on cards for a long time and they will not be erased easily. One pen can mark cards at least 60 decks. If you have a such magic pen for your gambling cheat, you can mark any kind of cards as you need. In the game, you will also gain more chances to master the game. 
If you have any problem about our invisible ink pen, just tell us. We will offer our best service and product for your smooth poker cheating.