Micro Wireless Earpiece for Poker Gambling

It is not good for you to wear wire earphone or Bluetooth headset in the card playing field because people will regard it as a kind of cheating device. In order to help you cheat more secretly in poker games, we have developed the micro wireless mini earpiece for your successful gambling cheat in poker analyzer system. 
This is a mini type of wireless earphone which can be hidden into ears deeply. The micro wireless earpiece is applied as an output device in the poker analyzer system to transport poker results to players. With this device, you will receive the poker results fast smoothly. Our earpiece enjoys good quality. With good concealment, other players will not find it and hear anything around you. And the result conveyed by it is very clear and accurate. If you use a poker analyzer to cheat, you have to wear a micro earpiece to help you output the results successfully.
If you use the poker analyzer system for your gambling cheat, the micro mini earpiece is a necessary device for you. Please contact us if you have a need.