Modiano Club Poker Bridge Marked Playing Cards Red & Bl

The Modiano Club are 100% plastic playing cards. In poker gambling cheat, the plastic Modinao deck can be specially processed into the marked playing cards to achieve poker winning easily and rapidly.
The Modiano Club marked playing cards can be designed as different kinds of marked playing cards catering for more people’s needs in different poker cheat situations. Even marked, these marked decks still have good characteristics of excellent hand feel and shape the same to those of original cards. It is well known that the 100% plastic Modiano Marked playing cards will often last up to 100 times longer than paper based or plastic coated playing cards.  They washable, durable and flexible so that can hand to crimp and scratch, wear and bend. With strong flexibility, they will spring back as the original shape.This kind of marked deck is thicker and heavier than any other 100% plastic playing card in the market today. Once you deal Modiano you will recognize the substantial feel that only Modiano provides and never want to deal flimsy light weight cards again. Meanwhile, they pop with color. The reds and blacks are brilliantly printed on the faces. They are  Bridge Size (2.25" x 3.5") Regular Index Poker Club Modiano cards includes one Red deck of Poker Club Series cards, one Blue deck of Poker Club Series cards, and a protective plastic case.
In poker games, they can be divided into main those marked playing cards. They are back marked cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards read by spy camera and laser marked cards to be recognized from laser spy camera. In the following sections, I will share them with you respectively. By using these marked cards, poker games winning will be enhanced to the largest degree.
Modiano Club Back Marked Playing Cards Read By IR/UV Readers
Copag Aldarva back marked playing cards are processed with the luminous marks on back. The marks standing the suits and values of poker faces will be unreadable from our naked eyes. Only our special IR/UV readers can recognize them. The readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses will be able to read the those marks clearly under different lighting. By using these cards tools, you will master games easily and secretly. There is need to mention the contact lenses that are ideal for reading the marked playing cards with good effect and concealment. They will not bring  any side effect even if you wear them for 8 hours. There are different diameters of lenses for your consideration. They range from 4mm to 12 mm, and are suitable for those eyes like blue eyes, gray eyes or green eyes. Besides, the lenses will not do any harm to your eyes. With the help of these devices at games, winning will be handled without big problem.
Modiano Club Barcode Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer System
Printed with the invisible bar codes on four sides, the Modiano Club marked playing cards are for poker analyzer system that is powerful poker cheat system including a camera lens, a poker analyzer, barcode marked cards and a mini earpiece. The bar codes invisible from our naked eyes are for camera lens reading and poker analyzer decoding.  Usually, the camera will be disguised as a routine item to read the cards in a concealable manner. A lighter, a car key, a TV or a cell phone may be a camera lens. The short distance camera or long distance one can be available for poker analyzer system cheat. Used at poker playing, the camera will read the marked cards at a high speed and then will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that has ability to decode the bar codes and analyze the poker result you need with100% accuracy. The analyzer can not only tell you the best winner hand, the second winner hand but also report the suits and points of all cards to you one by one. You can know the result accurately in line with the games’ rules. As long as you have this equipment, you will catch winning chances effortlessly.
Modiano Club Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera Reading  
Modiano Club back marked playing cards are special for spy camera lens recognizing. They are unreadable from other readers like analyzer camera or contact lenses. Like many devices to cheat secretly, this kind of camera can be also fixed in a lamp, a belt or a clock to read the cards without any suspect from other players. It is a long distance camera that scanning distance can be 1 to 6 meters so that it will meet your long distance cheating easily. Reading the marked cards clearly at any angle, it will send the cards’ information to a TV on backstage at a high speed. Then, you will read the marks on TV screen. From the marks, you will know the poker faces easily and decide how to play the following poker sections with biggest winning odds. Of course, winning will be enhanced to the largest extent.  
Modiano Club Laser Marked Playing Cards to Be Read Laser Spy Camera
This kind of marked deck is the latest product used at poker games in such a secret and effective manner. The marked playing cards are to be read by laser spy camera. Other readers like analyzer camera fail to read them. This camera’s scanning distance can be 2-5 cm or 2-3 m so that you can use it for short distance cheat and long distance one. It can be hidden in a mobile phone, a lamp or other items in our daily life as well. In games, the cards will be read by the laser spy camera and then the information of cards will be sent to a TV on background. From the TV screen,you will know the poker faces easily by reading marks. In the end, you will gain more chances to win.
The Modiano Club marked playing cards can be used for many poker playing games such as Texas, Omaha, Blackjack. In addition to the finished products, we accept customization. Please feel free to contact us if you take an interest in them!