Modiano Essence 4 Pip 4 Color Marked Cards Dark Blue/Yellow

The Modiano Essence bridge size 4 Pip 4 color marked playing cards are special for poker gambling. This brand of common cards processed into the marked cards will offer you many easy ways to win poker games with more chances. They can be designed as three types of marked cards: back marked cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for analyzer camera lenses and back marked cards for spy camera lenses. 
Even if marked, the Modiano Essence 4 Pip 4 color marked playing cards still keep good shape and great hand feel of original cards. Made of 100% plastic but feels like regular paper cards, these cards are more durable and washable than the paper marked cards. They shuffle very easily, deal easily and have a fairly slick surface. They have dark blue and yellow colors for your choices. In the following paper, I will share this kind of marked cards working with different devices at poker gambling. 
Modiano Essence Bridge size 4 Pip 4 Color Back Marked Cards with IR/UV Readers
The Modiano Essence 4 Pip 4 color back marked cards with the luminous marks on back are special for IR/UV readers. The readers can be IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses or UV sunglasses. When you wear any of them, you are able to see the marks on cards clearly. The marks standing for the suits and points will help you play each poker section successfully to lower your losses to the bottom line. As regards the contact lenses, they are the most useful devices for reading the back marked cards secretly and effectively. They will not do any harm to your eyes even if you wear them for a long time. In addition, there are different diameters for your options. The diameters range from 4mm to 12mm, and the colored area will not change your original eyes’ color much. Just use them for enhancing your winning! 
Modiano Essence Bridge size 4 Pip 4 Color Barcode Marked Cards with Poker Analyzers 
The Modiano Essence 4 Pip 4 color barcode marked cards are designed for camera lenses reading and poker analyzer decoding. They are printed with the invisible bar codes on edges. Our naked eyes or other scanners like spy camera can not recognize them. When you use these marked cards at games, you need add a camera and a poker analyzer to work with it. The camera lens can be fixed inside our daily items such as a car key, a lighter or a mobile phone so that nobody will find it out at all. After the camera reads the marked cards, it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that is capable of decoding the bar codes and analyzing the poker result you need. The analyzer can not only report the best winner hand, but also tell the suits and points of cards to you without any mistake. With these marked cards and devices for gambling, winning will be increased largely. 
Modiano Essence Bridge size 4 Pip 4 Color Back Marked Cards with Spy Camera Lenses 
The Modiano Essence 4 Pip 4 color back marked cards for cards playing cheat are another back marked cards, which are different from the back marked cards read by the IR/UV contact lenses. They are specially designed to be read by the spy camera lenses. The spy camera lenses can be fixed inside a lamp or a CCTV camera to read the cards secretly. After the cards read by the camera, their information will be sent to a TV on backstage. From screen, you will see the marks clearly. Knowing the poker face in advance, you will play the following sections more sensibly and confidently. At the end of the game, winning will be enhanced strongly. 
The Modiano Essence 4 Pip 4 color marked playing cards are ideal for your successful gambling cheat. We accept the special customization about these cards as well. Please contact us if you are interested in them!