Modiano Marked Poker Cards Red/ Blue

Modiano poker cards are widely used in Europe countries like Italy and Germany. In magic shows or poker cheats, the Modiano cards can be processed into the marked cards. In this paper, I will share Modiano marked poker cards to assist you winning poker games in a easier and rapid way. 
For the multiple pathways to achieve success at poker games, we have developed four types Modiano marked poker cards: back marked cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzers, back marked cards to be read by spy camera lenses and laser marked cards to be read by laser spy cameras. Even marked, the Modiano poker cards still keep good hand feel and shape the same as the original cards. The thicker and heavier grade plastic also enables Modiano marked poker cards to retain its character and shape better than other 100% plastic playing cards. 
Modiano Back Marked Poker Cards for IR/ UV Readers
The Modiano back marked poker cards are printed with invisible marks on back. The marks representing suits and values are unreadable from our naked eyes so that other players will not find any flaw on cards. This kind of marked cards should work with IR/UV readers to finish the successful poker cheating. The readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses will aid you to read the marks clearly. In regard to the contact lenses, they are best sold and useful at games. It is available for you to wear them up to eight hours, and they will not do any harm to your eyes. There are optional for you to choose different diameters of lenses. The sizes range from 4mm to 12mm. Meanwhile, the colored area of lenses will not do much change to your eyes so that they are suitable for different people with different eye’s color. With the help of these marked cards and related devices to cheat, the poker games can be handled easily and rapidly. 
Modiano Barcode Marked Poker Cards for Analyzer Camera lenses 
This kind of marked cards are read by the analyzer camera lenses and decoded by the poker analyzers. Like back marked cards for IR contact lenses, these cards are also printed with invisible bar codes on edges of cards and our naked eyes fail to read. Used for gamble, you should add a camera and a poker analyzer for a complete poker cheating. Usually, the camera lens is hidden inside our routine articles such as a mobile phone, a TV, a clock or a lighter to scan the marked cards in a secret way. Reading the bar codes on cards quickly and clearly, the camera will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that is a powerful device to decode the cards and analyze the poker result you need within 0.1S. Then, you will receive the poker result through a wireless earphone. Knowing the poker result before dealing cards, you will be able to decide how to play in each section to lower risks on the bottom line. 
Modiano Back Marked Poker Cards for Spy Camera Lenses 
The Modiano back marked poker cards are for spy camera lenses reading. These cards can not be read by IR/UV readers, or analyzer scanners. When applied to poker games, they should be operated with a spy camera to demonstrate poker results. The camera can be fixed in a lamp, a wall picture or many other items in our daily life for a concealable poker cheat. After reading the marked cards, the camera will send the poker face to a TV on background. Thus, there is no much problem for your to master games under your control as long as you know poker results in advance. 
Modiano Laser Back Marked Poker Cards for Laser Spy Cameras
Modiano laser back marked poker cards are designed for laser spy camera lenses reading. Laser marked cards are the newest research result for poker cheat. By marking with high skill and technology, they will not be checked by IR or UV scanners so that you can use them to cheat without any suspicion from other players. The scanning distance of laser spy camera can be 3-5cm or 2-3m. Thus, you can play games successfully with them under different poker cheating conditions. After the camera reads the cards, it will send marks clearly to a TV on backstage. Finally, you can read the poker face of marks clearly on TV screen. By this good chance to see poker face of next card, you can play sensibly in the following sections. In the end, winning will be easier for you. 
The Modiano marked poker cards are ideal for successful and challenging poker gamble cheat. If you are interested in them, please contact us and we also accept your special customization.