Newest Laser Marked Poker Cards at Cards Playing Cheat

We have known the back marked cards and barcode marked cards at poker cheat. In order to meet more people’s needs, we have developed the laser marked poker cards for a more secret poker cheating. The newest laser marked poker cards are the latest marked cards for poker gambling cheat.
The laser marked poker cards are specially designed for
laser spy camera lens reading. This kind of marked cards is different from the back marked cards for IR contact lenses reading. They need high technology and skill to mark so that they will offer you a secret and safe way to cheat successfully at many poker games like Blackjack, Omaha, Texas Holdem and Baccarat. The marks on these cards are unrecognized from the IR readers, spy camera or analyzer scanners. After reading the cards, the laser spy camera will send the cards’ marks to a TV. From the TV screen, you will see the marks clearly. The scanning distance of laser spy camera can be 2-5cm or 2-3m so that you can choose a suitable scanning distance to read the cards, and it can be hidden inside a cell phone, a lamp or other items in our daily life. With the help of these laser devices for poker games, you will catch more winning chances by means of a more secret manner.
If you are interested in our laser marked poker cards, please contact us for more details. In addition to the finished products, we accept the customization.