Paper Aviator Heritage Marked Playing Cards

When it comes to the origin of the Aviator brand, it was introduced in 1927 to commemorate Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight aboard the spirit of St. Louis. Nearly 90 years after it’s initial release, the United States playing card company and D & D Industries is proud to present a new edition of Aviator playing cards, inspired by Howard Hughes. Hughes, the pioneering airman of the 20th century, turned his H-1 racer into a Beacon of innovation as it flew across the night sky. Within the vintage tuck-case, each card features Hughes’s racer, high above the earth--boldly exploring all places unknown.
The Aviator Heritage poker cards are a kind of this brand paper cards. In order to provide you with more effective ways to win games, we have developed the Aviator Heritage marked playing cards for your successful poker games. They are ideal for many peaking games cheating such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Baccarat. By using these marked cards, winning will be easily mastered under your control. In this paper, I will share three kinds of Aviator Heritage marked poker cards with you. 
Aviator Heritage Marked Playing Cards for IR/UV readers 
The plastic Aviator Heritage marked playing cards are printed with the luminous marks on back. Standing for suits and values, these marks are invisible from our naked eyes. They can be read by the IR/UV readers as long as you own a pair of them. The readers include IR contact lenses, UV contact lenses, IR sunglasses and UV sunglasses. The marked cards are excellent for many peaking games like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Baccarat. When you play games with these marked cards, you will have ability to read marks clearly if you wear a pair of contact lenses. The contact lenses can be different for your eyes. The diameters for choices range from 4mm to 12 mm so that you can choose a suitable ones. Moreover, they will not change your eyes’ color at all, and they have no side effect for your eyes even if you wear them for a longer time. Taking this advantage to know the poker face of next card in advance, you will catch more chances to win as much as you can. 
Aviator Heritage Side Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzers 
There are Aviator Heritage side marked playing cards specially read by the camera lenses and decoded by the poker analyzers. Printed with the invisible bar codes on four sides, those cards are superior for poker games cheating. Compared with back marked cards read by contact lenses, they will be safer and secret to cheat without any suspicion. Used in poker cheating, they can work with camera and poker analyzer perfectly. The camera lens can be hidden inside a car key, a lighter or a cell phone so that other players will not pay attention to it. Reading the cards speedily and accurately, the camera will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer that is extremely accurate to analyze the poker result you need within 0.1S. Knowing the poker hand or other results before dealing cards, you will play each round confidently with more winnings. 
Aviator Heritage Back marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera Lenses 
The Aviator Heritage back marked playing cards for spy camera lenses reading are another back marked cards. The IR or UV readers fail to read them so that they will help you cheat by means of another secret way. The spy camera lenses reading these marked cards can be fixed in a lamp or a CCTV camera. With good concealment, it will not arouse others’ attention at all. Reading the back marked cards, it will send the signal to the TV on background so that you are able to see the marks on back clearly. The marks representing suits or points will be readable for you and then you will decide how to play well in the following sections. In the end, winning will be enhanced strongly. 
The plastic Aviator Heritage marked playing cards offer more secret and effective means for cards playing cheating. In addition, we accept customization if you have other requirements. Please contact us for more details if you have an interest in them!