Paper Bumble Bee Marked Cards Yellow

Bee playing cards, as the world’s leading casino playing cards, have been setting the standard for quality since 1892. With their patented coating and unique finish, Bee brand cards last longer and offer your games with superior slip, snap and feel. Bumble Bee cards are a type of the paper Bee playing cards. In this paper, I will share our paper Bumble Bee marked cards for successful and secret poker gambling cheat.
The paper Bumble Bee marked cards are yellow cards with poker size and regular index. With good design, they will impress you with substantial feeling. Used in poker cheating, they can be processed into three types: back marked cards read by
contact lenses, side marked cards to be read by poker analyzers and back marked cards for spy camera lenses. No matter which marked cards you choose to cheat, they are able to give you a hand to win games by means of an easier and quick way.
Bumble Bee Back Marked Cards Work with Contact Lenses
The Bumble Bee back marked cards are specially designed for IR or UV readers reading. The readers can be IR contact lenses, UV contact lenses, IR sunglasses or UV sunglasses. Why human’s naked eyes can not read the marks on back of cards? The reason is that the marks printed on cards are invisible from human’s naked eyes. With this good advantage, you are able to use these marked cards and IR lenses to operate a secret and successful poker gambling. The contact lenses you wear will not harm your eyes’ at all and they will keep the color of original eyes. Meanwhile, there are different diameters of lenses for your consideration(ranging from 4mm-12mm). Moreover, the contact lenses can be customized, so if you are shortsighted or farsighted, we will do our best to design suitable ones in line with your needs. By taking this good chance to see the marks standing for suits or values, you will get an ability to know poker results before the cards face up. In the end, winning will be increased largely.
Bumble Bee Side Marked Cards Read by Poker Analyzers
The common Bumble Bee poker cards can be specially designed as the side marked cards for camera lenses reading and
poker analyzers decoding. They are printed with the invisible bar codes on edge and we can not recognize them with our naked eyes. The Bumble Bee side marked cards contain the cards’ information to let you know the poker result in advance. After the camera lens reads these marked cards, it will send the signal of cards to the poker analyzer that is capable of decoding the bar codes and analyzing the final result in line with your needs within 0.1S. Knowing the poker hand or poker face in advance, it is possible for you to master the game under your control easily at a short time. Of course, the whole cheating can be operated secretly and efficiently. The camera can be disguised as a car key, a cell phone or a lighter. And the you can put the poker analyzer into pocket. As for receiving result, there is a mini wireless earphone for you. By taking these advanced devices for poker gambling, you will know who is the biggest winner or poker faces in a very easy way.
Bumble Bee Back Marked Cards for Spy Camera Lenses
The Bumble Bee poker cards can be processed into another back marked cards for spy camera lenses reading. This kind of marked cards can not be recognized by other readers such as IR contact lenses or poker analyzer readers so that they enable you to operate a more secret poker gambling without suspicion. When you play the game, the spy camera will read the these back marked cards quickly, and then the results will be sent by it to a TV or a computer. From screen, you will read the marks on back of cards clearly. There are three levels of definition of camera lenses: 360P, 720P and 1080P. The higher level is, the more clear you can see. In the help of these marked cards with spy camera lenses, your winning will be enhanced strongly.
In addition, we accept your special customization. Please tell us your requirements and we will try our best to meet your needs!