Perspective Table for Poker Monitoring System

Our perspective table monitoring system can allow you to see normal playing cards' faces while you play poker.

The perspective table has been t installed with our special poker cameras. When you play poker, turn on the cameras, and then they will scan the normal playing cards ( no need to use marked playing cards ) from different angles. After the scanning, they will send the cards’ information to a monitor in backstage and then the faces of the face-down playing cards will be presented on the monitor screen. You cheating partner in the backstage can tell you what’s on the screen secretly through other cheating accessories.

We can install such poker cameras into different tables, including poker table like Texas holdem table and Baccarat table. With mini size and good concealment, the cameras won’t be discovered even by those who check the perspective table.

If you want to use perspective table to see normal playing cards’ face while playing poker, welcome to contact us!