Perspective Table to Read Common Cards Easily

The perspective table is the powerful device to read the playing cards in poker cheating. No matter which kind of tables is, it can be processed into the perspective table such as Texas Holdem table, Baccarat table or Omaha table.
How the perspective table can help you cheat for your poker games? There is a HD spy camera fixed inside the poker table and it will not attract other players’ attention at all. Used in the poker cheat, it can read the common cards clearly, not marked cards. Together with a TV with cheating software on backstage, it will complete the cheating more perfectly. Each card facing down will be read by the spy camera, and then the information of cards will be sent to the TV. Form the screen, your partner will read the suits and vales and tell the result you need. With this excellent device for your gambling cheat, you are able to play well at the following sections. At the end of the game, you can master the game with more winning chances. In addition, we also accept your table to be customized by us. 
If you have a need for our perspective table, please contact us for more information.