Perspective Table with Hidden Camera at Poker Cheating

When you play the poker games, you will find that it is very hard to win the games. You may know some of the poker playing cheating devices like the IR contact lenses to read back marked cards or side marked cards to be decoded by the poker analyzer. If you use the common cards, there is no problem to cheat successfully in poker games. The perspective table with hidden camera can help you win.

The poker table has been installed a hidden camera inside. This poker cheat camera under the poker table can read non-marked cards and it can scan the all cards on the poker table at any angle. Any cloth used to cover the poker table will not affect the normal function of the poker cheat camera to scan the cards clearly. After the
perspective table camera scans the cards, the poker faces will be shown on TV in another room. And your partner can tell you poker results finally. Therefore, you will win easily and avoid losses in accordance with the poker results.  

The perspective table camera for reading the non-marked cards can help you to cheat more secretly and successfully. If you have a taste for it, please place an order to us or contact us for more details.