Pinhole Camera for Back Marked Cards in Blackjack

Except for the camera lens for the poker analyzer, the pinhole camera is also a useful cheating device in poker games. The pinhole camera can read back marked cards to help you win Blackjack easily.
Pinhole camera can be fixed in many objects such as light, TV or wall picture.  The pinhole camera reading the back cards clearly can be used for cheating Blackjack poker game. After scanning the cards, it will send the signal to the TV or PC on the background. You partner can see the points of each card on the screen. This is very convenient for you to know values of each card you have got in hand before it faces up. Therefore, you can make your right decision on whether you need next card or not.
With the pinhole camera, the Blackjack winning odds can be increased to the largest extent, and that means you loss will decreased to the lowest bottom. Just use it to enhance you poker winning odds. I believe you will fall in love it.