Pinhole Camera for Scanning Special Back Marked Cards

The pinhole camera is also a very powerful camera to read the marked cards. In order to operate the poker cheating in a various forms, there is necessary to use this device to help you cheat more secretly and successfully. 
The pinhole camera lens can be fixed inside many items in our daily life such as a lamp, a clock or a wall picture. It is special for reading the back marked cards that are different from the invisible ink marked cards for IR contact lenses reading. Those marked cards are only for the pinhole camera reading, so other readers can not read them. With this good point, the cheating can be operated more secretly and smoothly. In poker cheating, it is able to read the marked cards accurately and then the information of cards will be sent to a TV on background by the transmitter. The TV with poker cheating software will show the points and suits of next card before the card faces up. Knowing the poker face of next card in advance, you can play sensibly and confidently in the following poker steps. Thus, your card playing winning will be increased as much as possible in the end. 
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