Poker Analyzer Scanner to Read Barcode Marked Cards

The poker analyzer system is powerful for many cards playing games such as Texas, Baccarat or Omaha. As a vital part in poker analyzer system, the poker analyzer scanner plays an important role in reading the marked cards. In this paper, I will share different kinds of scanners to meet your poker cheat under different cheating conditions.
The poker analyzer scanners can be classified into two types of lenses in according to different reading scanning: short distance scanner and long distance scanner. The scanning distance of the former scanner is within 90cm and that of latter one can be made from 1m to 6m in line with your requirements. They are HD camera so that the barcode marked cards can be read with 100% accuracy at a high speed. For the secret operation, the scanners usually are disguised as a common item in our daily life like a car key, a mobile phone or a TV. Any item can be customized if you need.
The poker analyzers scanners are necessary parts for poker cheat to be operated smoothly and secretly in poker analyzer system. In addition to finished scanners, we accept your special customization.