Poker Analyzers for Poker Gambling Cheat

The poker analyzer is a kind of most powerful poker cheating devices in poker cheat field. With the high efficiency to analyze the result you need. I will introduce some of our main poker analyzers for you as follows.

AKK Poker Analyzers
The most popular poker analyzer used by many poker players is the AKK series of poker analyzers including K20 poker analyzer and
K30 poker analyzer. K20 poker analyzer has powerful analyzing function which is able to report the final result to you within 0.3S. And it can work with many kind of poker cheat camera lenses. K30 poker analyzer is updated on the basis of the K20 poker analyzer. Except the common functions the K20 poker analyzers has, the K30 poker analyzer is an all-in-one device that integrates a poker analyzer with a poker cheat camera inside.Therefore, it finish the whole poker cheat at a higher speed than other poker analyzers.

GPS Poker Analyzer

GPS poker analyzer is another kind of an all-in-one poker analyzers, so it can work the whole poker cheat alone. With the strong ability to scan marked cards automatically and decode the codes of cards immediately, it can tell you poker results in different forms in line with your setting.

Those poker analyzers are very useful in poker cheat, which can tell you final poker results in a short time. They are extensively used in many casino games such as Texas, Omaha, Blackjack, and so on. With them, your poker games can be easily won under your control.